Monday, May 2, 2011

Curry fish in d house.

i woke up at noon today and kept thinking what should i prepare for lunch. and in my mind was i didn't want to eat over portions. since i turned 25, food was all i could think about. even my weight has increased. OH I'M ASHAMED, really i am. even some of my friend told me i gained weight. smack on the FACE* I'm have been weight conscious since my slimmer days. dunno why i didn't notices the changes. only now I've been cutting on a few there and there. and as for today i have lost a few kilograms. thankfully.

so back to cooking. i though today, what about cooking curry. mm.. sounds tasty. even the grumbling sound of hunger in my stomach responds to that. so i cooked a pot of rice in the rice cooker. took out fishes from the feeezer. a few other stuffs from the chiller and now to the mise-en- place.

fish curry
Here's the ingredients.

2 nos of fish - mine was ikan kembong
1 packet of fish curry powder (mix into paste with water)
2 nos shallots - sliced
2 garlic - sliced
1 inch of ginger - julienne
2 nos bird eye chillies
2 red chillies - slice in the middle
curry leaves
mix herbs
salt and pepper

1. heat in a pot, add about 5 tablespoon of oil and then add in the mix herbs, shallots, ginger, bird eye chillies, curry leaves and garlic. fry until fragrance and then add in the curry paste.

2. Let the curry paste cooked for a while until the oil breakouts then add in water. Let it simmer for a while then add in the (optional: add in potatoes, or long beans before the fish) red chillies along with the fish. Let it cook for about 15-20 minutes depends on the size of the fish.

3. Season well and serve with a bowl of hot rice. Enjoy!

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