Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day out

Well last weekends, my family and I went for shopping due to Ramadhan season.
The best part it is MEGA SALE!

So my parents came to my house to pick me up then we're off to Nilai 3.
Okay, my mom bought me A&W hot dog which I love! So delicious.

I only ate half of it. Cause to excited to go shopping. After shopping at Nilai 3, we went to Sogo for lunch. It was crowded. We had to queue to buy our lunch. I choose wantan mee soup for lunch. My mum ate Mee rebus. Here some pictures. Check em out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pak Boh Recipe

Nasi goreng udang


Raspberry longan

The Menu

Another assignment to Johor, this time I went to Kuala Lipis. It was a historical city with only one tall building there. If you want to travel there, I recommend from Monday to Saturday only because on Sunday every shop is closed. That was a suprise for me because I never been to a place where nobody work on Sunday. Luckily, I went there on Thursday and managed to get a bite at Pak Boh Recipe. It was a restaurant with a nature theme and lots of lights. Even the bathroom is renovated to suite the theme. On the first floor, guest could drinks and watch performances from guest artist.

So I try my hand on their nasi goreng udang and raspberry longan mockctail. The fried rice was quite oily and a bit flavorless. However the drinks was nice. Overall the environment was great.

Cold & sweet dessert

ice kacang (ABC)


It was a hot and sunny day, before heading to Kuala Lipis. Me and fellow colleagues stopped by at the nearest stall beside Jusco Equine Park to slurp a bowl of ABC and cendol. Cold and Sweet!

Tom Yam@ Pagoh

kailan ikan masin (kailan with salted fish)

tom yam

tom yam

Recently, I went to a part of Malaysian state that I have never venture to which is Johor.
I have been wanting to go to Johor for quite sometimes. At last I could tick off Johor out of list of Places I want go. However there are still many areas in Johor I want to explore. Luckily, I got lots of work to be done in Johor in these 2 months. First assignment send me to Pagoh, Johor. OK, I got to admit I never known this area before so this would be my first that I ever heard a place called Pagoh. It was a small town with lots of 'kampung'. Interesting.. So of course food is one of my thing.. managed to try out Pagoh style Tom Yam. Check em' out.

I say, it was quite dissapointing. The tom yam was lack of paste; should i say flavor-less and quite dull. I was so into the kailan ikan masin (salted fish), because it was so delicious and i just love the saltiness of ikan masin.

and accompanied with fried egg

Yeah, I still got lots more places to venture so I will keep an update.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


sorry for not updating..
i will in sometimes..
forgive me..