Sunday, April 10, 2011

I LOVE Malay Dishes

The good side of being Malaysia is of course the courtesy of being able to eat delicious food a.k.a home cooking. Oh Im drooling.. especially when the dishes are cooked by your lovely mom. Her special blends of herbs and spices with unconditional love included makes the food a thousand times better than those at the restaurants. Keep licking those fingers y'all. yes of course when you cook the food yourself you have the advantage of being able to consume in a larger portions than you could elsewhere.

A few months ago, with not much to ingredients at home. I managed to pull off a few of simple dishes to accompanied a freshly cooked hot rice. Not only it is easy yet very tempting. Thus I leave you all to devour your lappy or pc or mac with pictures of my so simple dishes.

Before that let me introduce to you what the dishes are:

Firstly, Malaysian favorite not in every countries however.. THE IKAN PEKASAM - fish which marinated in a special blend of tamarind. It is fried and best eaten while hot with friend shallots and bird eye chillies on top.
Secondly, Tempoyak - Perak's favorite accompaniments. Made from durian's which is preserved with salt and sugar. Left a few days before consumed. Usually made into sambal tempoyak which is mixed with pounded chillies and eaten with rice.

Ayam berempah Bujang

My recipe is quite simple

A small packet of kurma powder
A small packet of soup powder
2inch of ginger pounded
2 nos of garlic
a bit of tumeric powder
salt and pepper

marinated for about 15 minutes depends on your preferences and heat up your wok.
then deep fried in a wok of hot oil and best eaten while hot. delicious

Prawn cooked in Sambal Soy

500 gm of prawn
tumeric powder

Firstly , clean the prawn. Then, marinated the prawn with tumeric and salt. Fried until half cooked with little oil in the wok . Put aside

blended dried chillies
shallots and garlic pounded
onion - cut into rings
a bit of belacan or prawn paste
sweet soy sauce
tamarind juice
bird eye chillies (optional)

For the sauce:
Heat wok, add a little bit of vegetable oil. Then add the pounded shallots and garlic when turn almost yellow then add about 2 spoon of blended chillies depends on your taste. If you prefer a bit spicy add more. Then, add the sweet soy sauce and let it simmer a bit. After that, pour 1 tablespoon of tamarind juice and add in the fried prawns. Seasan with salt and pepper and add in the onion rings and if you prefer more spicy add the bird eye chillies.

Tadaa. Thats all for now. Hopefully, you'll love the recipe. TEHEE!

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