Saturday, December 4, 2010


OMG! Im really sorry haven't been updating this blog for such a freaking long time.
today im kinda xcited actually.
I wanted to share about a new candy store i found a month ago
which i felt in love with. love love love it.
It is called STICKY

what's so sticky? you asked me..
actually everythin is kinda sticky about this newly discoverd outlet of hand made candy shop called STICKY

it is founded in Australia by a group of highly skilled and dedicated confectioners, recognised internationally as specialists in high quality, hand-made, rock candy style lollies and candy art for weddings and corporate promotions. (taken on their website)


check out their sites for catalogs on their sweets. You could actually personalized your own candy by adding logos or wordings for your special ones.

here's a video taken from their site

Currently they opened the first outlet in Malaysia at One Utama.
So i went there a month ago.

Im really suprised when i walk to the store to find lots of people looking over a glass panel.
I was like, what are these people doing?
Then I kinda ignored it at first so i walk to the shelves a pick myself
largest bottle i could found with varieties of stickies candy.
So i could taste all the flavor that they produce.
As i was about the pay at the counter i saw two chinese guys preparing the candy.
OMG! I was so suprised at how GOOD they were.
Makes me wanna make my own candy too.
oh i asked my fren to take a few pictures of the store.
wel i'll be upadting you guys soon with it, so gotta WAIT.

Oh yeah, so then I paid RM19.90 for ..i forget the weight of the bottle.
Then the cashier, put it in a sticky paper bag. (its PINK)
haha... I was so excited getting the bag.
After that, i watched the two guys perform their MAGIC and walk out of the stores after that.
I was xcited really! I AM. That i took a picture of myself with the STICKY BAG with the STICKY Candy inside.
Can't wait to eat it at home.

sticky hand made sweets

So after I went home.
Niki sniffing out sticky

Niki was the first to snif out STICKY.

She evens show interest in playing with the bag. (i was so pissed off)
Then i managed to take a pictures of both.
Whaddaya Think?

Even though i was excited of getting STICKY however I couldn't even put it in my mouth
it was like eating a piece of art.
I was too KIND.
So i took me a few hours later to opened the seal and popping one in my mouth
Every one of it has a different flavors and it is really nice.
I like the way each flavors has a small pictures of fruit on it.
How they managed to put the puctures in
Im confius.. need to try make one myself only then i would know.

Well for those interest in testing one today.

You could buy one for yourself and as present for this coming XMAS.

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