Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cuppies from cucpcake chic and Ayam Penyet

it was an a few months ago when i had to baby sit my boss sister because she came from Johor
to work in Kuala Lumpur (as if)
she is only 16. lol, i know.. thats quite young to work, aite?
she was thinking of working at Mcdonalds
yea dat wud be nice.
unfortunately, she does not have the guts to ask them for a job
instead asking me ask them
no no no...
i rather not.

due to boredoom
i asked a friend of mine and the three of us went on a window shopping trip to The Curve
Ouh! suddenly, i remember about getting a cupcake from cupcake chic.
so i bought three different flavors from cupcake chic.
lemme tell me ya.
i doesn't suite my taste
actually, its too sweet for my tongue.
so i took only a bite out of it and left the rest sittin in the box for a few days.

oreo cupcakes
blackforest cupcakes
ouh~ on the same day i had dinner at ayam penyet.
my friend had grilled chicken while i enjoyed ayam penyet.
it was satisfiying but lack of sauces.
so u felt a bit dry while you ate.
and yeah the sambal was extremely spicy for my taste bud
getting me drinking almost all the time i ate.
sorry again!

well, that's all. i might post another.
keep looking for another post ya!
c ya!

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