Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pak Boh Recipe

Nasi goreng udang


Raspberry longan

The Menu

Another assignment to Johor, this time I went to Kuala Lipis. It was a historical city with only one tall building there. If you want to travel there, I recommend from Monday to Saturday only because on Sunday every shop is closed. That was a suprise for me because I never been to a place where nobody work on Sunday. Luckily, I went there on Thursday and managed to get a bite at Pak Boh Recipe. It was a restaurant with a nature theme and lots of lights. Even the bathroom is renovated to suite the theme. On the first floor, guest could drinks and watch performances from guest artist.

So I try my hand on their nasi goreng udang and raspberry longan mockctail. The fried rice was quite oily and a bit flavorless. However the drinks was nice. Overall the environment was great.

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