Saturday, February 13, 2010

Korean Cuisines

Korean feast



Hi everyone!
Sorry for not updating.
Lately been busy with work and life.
To let you guys know, I just turn 24..
Yup getting old.

Well, that is not the point of this post.
This week I'm updating about korean food.
I am a fan of korean food.
Especially this two I'm about to show you.
Bibimbap and Bulgogi.

Once during my class, we held a korean cuisine demo by a korean chef.
I was delighted because I watched so many korean drama and yes, I was enthusiatic about the food. Finally when they did that demo, all my thoughts about korean cuisines is true.
It was delightful and delicious. My fellow classmate managed to eat a whole pot of bibimbap. So hungry~ lol.

Bibimbap is actually a rice with condiments and eaten by mixing them together.
Not forgetting those famous kimchi. I'm loving everything.
Oh yeah, bulgogi is beef that is marinated and then cooked. Also eaten with rice.
I love it too~

Want to try something new?
Try korean cuisine.
Check out the restaurant at Sunway Piramid on the first floor.

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