Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My favorite noodles of all times other than kue tiaw is laksa. Why I favor this dish so much, is due to its fishy smell added with a hint of kesum leaves, and addition of the smell of torch ginger bud. Moreover, the combination of spicy and sour from the lime gives it a nice thick soup for your pallette. I adore those innocent plain white vermicelli noodles that manages to soak up all the wonderful flavors from the soup. It is so irresistable. Not to mention the condiments which gives it the added texture and health qualities making it a meal. oh~ how I wish I could eat one now.

Laksa is actually the plain white noodles which is a type of vermicelli. How it got its name is unknown. According to the wikipedia, it is a noodles soup from Peranakan culture also known as Baba and Nyonya, which is a merger of Chinese and Malay elements found in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. I have been devouring this dish for so long that I myself do not know its history.

There are actually two types of laksa; curry laksa and assam laksa. I prefer assam laksa instead of curry laksa. Well, I am not a coconut milk kind of person thus I rather choose the non milky texture soup. However, both of them are a must if you desire for a Malaysian culinary adventure.

Usually, assam laksa is eaten with the addition of otak udang (prawn paste). It gives it a thick and sweet taste to the soup. I love mine with it. The must have condiments are shredded cucumber, chillies, limes and hard boiled eggs.

It can be found anywhere throughout Malaysia either in streets hawker, kopitiam, restaurants and even hotels. The price is normally at about RM2.50 however some sold at a higher price due to portion size and environment.

Try them out and if you want the recipes just mail me.

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